I have created this acronym STEP to embody creative and critical thinking skills that must be inculcated in all children through education in formal as well as informal educational settings. These skills support proactive learning as individuals engage in multifaceted contexts throughtout life. Only when individuals engage with the new information through questioning, exploring, sharing understandings, they learn meaningfully and can better apply the acquired knowledge to new situations.





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Respecting Identities

Respecting Identities

(This blog is a response to Kaywin Weldman’s blog: https://www.nga.gov/blog/memory-museums-once-known.html  Kaywin is the National Gallery of Art’s first woman director)  In the December of 2009, I accompanied my husband to the annual Climate Summit held that year in...

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Humans have an innate capacity to be curious, explore to the sky’s limit, and learn through a self-driven inquiry that leads them to infer and make meaning. But just a quick glance at what we do in schools reveals how we inadvertently squash that innate ability to learn. Our long list of topics of the curriculum stifles critical and creative thinking, instead of providing opportunities for kids to ‘play’ with concepts, test theories, and make connections with their background knowledge to learn meaningfully. To best put it in words, the Hobbs Research Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard school, Howard Gardner once quipped, “what we teach is a mile long and an inch deep.” Honestly, in making kids a store-house of ‘facts,’ we essentially clutter their mind.



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I am a school docent at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C and a life-long learner in always looking for ways to enhance the educational journey of individuals, specifically young kids who are endowed with greater flexibility, blossoming creativity, and a readiness to explore fearlessly. With a focus on the cognitive aspects of learning visual art, I am interested in what individuals learn when they observe art, engage in a critical discourse, or produce works of art.



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